The Future of Blind Hiring

Behavior Based Candidate Filter

Using Prism Brain Mapping, Applyable offers a way to filter candidates for quality, talent and fit all at once.

Effective Applicant Review

The "Anonymized Applicant Review" process uses structured releases of data and information related to the applicant to remove bias in the review process.

Data Collection & Visualization

Reporting in Applyable meet EEOC standards as well as having the ability for data and candidates to be integrated into any ATS system.

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Removing bias in, everything.

Applyable isn't just going to remove bias in the job application process, but in other markets as well.


Applying to school anonymously, crafting the most diverse student body.

Home & auto loans

A better way to access credit worthiness and locking in rates anonymously.

All opportunities

General use like VC applications for funding or tech accelerators.

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