Companies Must Recruit Better

How Applyable Builds Inclusion

We believe that talent is spread equally, but opportunity is not. Because of this, Applyable allows companies to review candidates in a bias free way, to find talent applicants of all backgrounds build an amazing company of people with different perspectives.

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How Applyable Mitigates Human Error

The unconscious mind makes decisions in 0.2s, while the logical part of our brain makes decisions in 0.5s. By this time, we've already jumped to conclusions and made an uninformed decision. Applyable removes the information that can lead to choosing the wrong candidate and allows companies to see skills first.

How Applyable Helps Maximize The Talent Pipeline

Applyable is a filter that controls the initial phase of the hiring process. By having all candidates go through the hiring funnel at the same point, great candidates don't get removed initially from the process.

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